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Fine Art & Design

WELCOME to the official website of Canadian artist, Wendy McLean-Thibodeau.  Here, you will find realistic drawings and portraits in graphite, colour and charcoal pencil, as well as pen and ink designs with colour washes.  New items will be added often, so be sure to check back soon.  Thank you for dropping in.  Hope you enjoy visiting as much as I have enjoyed creating. 


What's New?

Hooray!  My first award for this new site!  Thanks to whomever submits my name for these.  It is deeply appreciated.  Much love to you!  =)  Please check "Links" page to view. 



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Pencil Artists
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Newest Additions

This site was created on December 13, 2006, so it is still very new.  I hope to have many pictures uploaded for you very soon.  Here I will keep you updated on all of my most recent completed works and additional features placed on the site.


I will be making Artist Trading Cards (aka ATCs) soon.  Sadly, I've been offline and out of the art world for most of last year, so I didn't even hear of ATCs until last week.  Imagine my surprise and joy.  I wanted to try my hand at miniature arts and I also had plans on creating a tarot deck at some unknown date in the future.  I think I'll start with ATCs first.  Sounds like so much fun!  If you are an artist (or a collector of ATCs) and would like to trade cards with me, feel free to email me.  =)

Yes...  I have a Blog!  Check out "a day in the life" to see what I'm up to.  Nothing like having the world know your every move and thought...  I know I'm going to get in trouble with this.  People will know when I've been online...  But hey!  Now they'll know why I didn't have time to participate in lengthy conversations, right?  Right???  O_O 

Wow!  I never thought I'd get new additions this fast.  A beautiful gift was shared with me via email this morning.  Mary's mom (my best friend) sent me some amazing drawings and sketches done by Mary herself!  I am so excited to share these with you that I have set up a page just for Mary's drawings, sketches and photos.  She was also an amazing photographer.  Needless to say, Mary's art needs to be shared with the world.  Truly beautiful! 


Works in Progress

Here I will inform you of my current WIPs.  At this time, I am busy creating a portrait memorial for a dear friend of mine who had recently lost her 15 year old daughter.  Mary was a very beautiful young lady full of humour and smiles for everyone.  She left her mark on the hearts of many and those fortunate enough to have known Mary, will miss her eternally.

The picture I am working on is of a very blurry photograph that was a favourite of Mary's.  The original photograph is yellowed and gravely lacking in detail.  I hope to use other photos of Mary to incorporate the intricate details of her beauty into restoring this much loved photo of hers and her family's.  This will likely be one of the most spiritually moving works of art I believe I will ever have the honour of creating.  I will enjoy taking you along on my journey as I progress through the motions of its creation.  

About Mary

So you know about my current WIP, but you'd like to learn more about my current labour of love?  If you'd like to read the story and participate in the beauty that is Mary, please feel free to read about this amazing, young woman at www.themaryfund.com.  You can also click on her photograph to take you to the page I have dedicated to her beautiful art work and photographs.  

This photograph is from a newspaper article featuring her story.  Her little friend is a lovebird named Spirit whom she loves deeply.  Spirit came to stay with me while she was in the hospital.  He will be returning home in the new year, but he cannot be moved because he and his mate, Mystery, are currently caring for a nest full of eggs!  There are currently 5 eggs in the nest.  Mystery just started laying them, so time will tell how many she'll lay.  You can bet that if any of these eggs hatch, they will be the subject of upcoming artwork.  Keep your fingers crossed.  =)