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Artist's Profile

I have been dabbling in creative works since the age of two (according to my mother). :) I have worked with a variety of mediums while trying to find my niche in the artworld. My first love is still sketching, which I use while working out new creative ideas.  I am completely self-taught in all areas.

I wanted very much to be an artist when I grew up, but I opted for the safety of seeking stable employment and financial security, rather than choosing to follow my dreams in the fickle art world. I obtained an Arts degree in Psychology and Criminology and worked full time afterwards, but was never satisfied with my career choice.

When I gave birth to my second and last son, I decided that I would stay at home with my children until they were both in school. It was during that time that I decided to pursue my original dreams in the art world.

I have tried almost every medium from sketching, to painting, to woodcarving, to pyrography and jewelry making. It wasn't until I had started creating jewelry that I had started to explore the world of polymer clays and the wonderful satisfaction it brought. It had successfully integrated any medium I desired into a single art piece.

I am still never completely satisfied with any work I complete, but such is the lot of many artists (so I'm told). :) I am just happy to finally be following my true passions and listening at last as my muses whisper their sweet inspirations into my mind's ear. I hope my creations bring to you as much joy as I have experienced in their creation.

~ Wendy McLean-Thibodeau

For those who understand, no words are necessary.
For those who do not, no words are possible.

~ Author Unknown